Art. No. 19737
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  • Innovative Cage-System to make system cameras suitable for accessories
  • Exactly matching the camera model Nikon 1
  • Many ¼ inch and one 3/8 inch thread for mounting accessories like LED-light, microphone, Follow Focus, etc.
  • Incl. adjustable handle, can be mounted from any side
  • Many possibilities for extensions and combinations
  • Made of extremely light and stable aircraft aluminium

Aptaris – makes system cameras suitable for accessories
A real innovation: The Aptaris Cage-System ”Made in Germany” makes system cameras suitable for accessories and thus enables professional results in filming and photography.

Exactly matching Nikon 1
As it was specially developed for the camera Nikon 1, this system adapts to 100 % to your system camera. “Aptaris” is thereby simply fastened to the camera by means of a 1/4 inch thread. A small metal device and the rubber coating on the camera mount additionally protect the camera against slipping. The vast number of further 1/4 inch threads on all sides as well as a 3/8 inch thread on the bottom side enable the use of lots of accessories, like microphones or LED-lights, just as desired. The adjustable handle, which can be mounted at the top, the bottom or at the sides, just as required, provides additional flexibility in use. This enables also filming near ground level. You can obviously also mount the “Aptaris” on a tripod. Due to the fitting accuracy, access to battery compartment, memory card etc. is in any case ensured. You can, at any time, optionally extend “Aptaris” with the rod module, additional hot shoe adapters or also with a separate L-angle for even more flexibility.

Many possibilities for extensions and combinations
Aptaris is a system. This is why the cage can be extended with numerous accessories, like e.g. the Aptaris rod module or the shoulder support module. The rod module offers ample space for the attachment of additional accessories, like a Follow Focus and a Matte box With their diameter of 15mm the rods are industrial standard, thereby enabling combination with all common accessory parts. Due to the supplied quick-release plate, the rod module can be simply attached to the Aptaris system via a slide mechanism. With the Aptaris shoulder support module you convert the cage to a complete rig in almost no time at all – for even more flexibility, especially in mobile use. Aptaris can obviously also be extended at any time with e.g. hot shoe adapters or a separate L-angle.


A Aptaris for Nikon 1
B Coldshoe
C Handle
D Eyelets (2x)
E Screws (7x)
F L-shaped connector
Angular allen screwdriver