Art. No. 20984

  • APTARIS FRAME 20984_2

  • Professional Cage System, which makes DSLR and system cameras suitable for accessories
    • Flexible, universal camera cage system adds protection and accessory-mounting capabilities to DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and small form-factor camcorders
      • True “Made In Germany” quality
        • Cage can be precisely fitted for all cameras and camcorders in common use, such as:Sony Alpha a7 II, Panasonic GH4, Canon EOS 5DS, Canon C100, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon D7200, Nikon D810A, Nikon D4S, Fujifilm X-T10, Sony AX100
          • Aptaris Universal Frame is compatible with all Aptaris accessory products; can be easily adapted for individual needs

          walimex pro Aptaris Universal Frame
          Extremely flexible cage system compatible with virtually every DSLR, mirrorless camera and small form-factor camcorder having flash shoe aligned with tripod thread. The cage allows for effortless mounting of accessory monitors and 4K recorders such as the Atomos Shogun.
          The Universal Frame is the first Aptaris cage allowing for adjustment not only in terms of height, but also in terms of width. The adjustable inner space ranges of 78-130mm / 3”-5.1” in height and 160-252mm / 6.3”-9.9” in width make the cage easily adaptable to individual configurations and requirements. If desired, the optional Aptaris Universal XXL Adapter can then provide for height extension of up to 103mm/4”.
          The Universal Frame is equipped with numerous 1/4″ and 3/8” threaded holes on both its Top Plate and Side Supports; these allow for substantial flexibility regarding the mounting of accessories such as lights or microphones. The Frame is also equipped with a bubble indicator for quick and easy levelling. Finally, precisely-machined interfaces on the Top Plate allow for the simultaneous use of up to two optional Aptaris L Brackets, and a new integrated Quick-Release interface on the Base Plate allows for effortless attachment to the Aptaris Rod Module.

          Unparalleled Flexibility in Use
          The diversity and range of the various Universal Frame adjustments make it possible for you to configure your Universal Frame precisely to your needs and ergonomic requirements. All important camera operational points such as memory card slot, battery compartment and connector sockets remain free and accessible. The included Aptaris Large Handgrip can be mounted via Minirail either on the Top Plate or Side Supports – and the Handgrip provides additional 1/4″ and 3/8” threaded mounting points as well. Special requirements can also be precisely served via the use of the many optional accessories in the Aptaris program.

          Aptaris brings the worlds of professional accessories and smaller cameras together
          The Aptaris Universal Frame and Aptaris accessory program make it possible to achieve professional motion-picture results with small form-factor photographic cameras. All Aptaris products are designed and Made In Germany, with all the exacting precision and quality which that implies. Aptaris products are developed in cooperation with the German manufacturer SIX, utilizing the highest standards in machining, materials and comprehensive engineering skill. All metal parts are made from either aircraft-grade high-strength aluminum or stainless steel, with sweeping quality control. With Aptaris, you are assured of premium quality and the highest life-in-use even under extreme working conditions.


          HEIGHT MIN. 78 – 103 MM
          HEIGHT MAX. 130 – 154 MM
          WIDTH MIN. 160 – 185 MM
          WIDTH MAX. 252 – 277 MM
          DEPTH 83 MM
          WEIGHT approx. 500 G


          A L-shaped connector
          B Aptaris Universal XL
          C Minirail
          D Coldshoe
          E Fuse of the cold shoe
          F Rod module plate
          G Stoppers (2x)
          H Screws (7x)
          I Handle
          Angular allen screwdriver